Five Romantic Hikes in San Francisco

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Candle-lit dinners are nice, but I’ll take a romantic hike with my sweetie over dinner at a stuffy restaurant any day. These five romantic hikes in San Francisco are perfect for strolling hand in hand with your special someone and setting your hearts a fire.

Living in the City by the Bay we are blessed with rolling hills, golden sunsets, and fog shrouded valleys. There are plenty of beautiful views to be had- if you know where to look. Head over to these five special spots that are sure to turn up the sparks with your honey or your hunky Tinder date.

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The dog-friendly 1-mile loop at Bernal Heights Park is the perfect date for pet owners. Because let’s face it, whether or not your dog likes your date is probably more important than how much you like the date. Bernal Heights is great at any time, but it is especially romantic just after sunset, as the sky turns dark the city slowly lights up below you. Just make sure to bring a flashlight or give yourself plenty of time to hike back down the hill before it gets too dark to see the trail. If the date is going well, you can find a secluded nook at Wild Side West’s dog-friendly, sculpture-filled beer garden or check out the live music at the Lucky Horseshoe’s Sunday Bluegrass jam.


A casual stroll through the San Francisco Botanical Garden is perfect for avid travelers or adventurers. The garden is organized into regions, so you can walk through the Bamboo tunnel in Temperate Asia, the succulent garden of Dry Mexico, or the Andean Cloud Forests or gardens of Chile. Each summer the Botanical Garden has a special event called Flower Piano, where twelve pianos are hidden throughout the park. You can impress your date with your best riff on Chopsticks, or if you’re lucky you just may be treated to a private concert by a classically trained pianist. Whenever you visit, be sure to show your ID at the entrance booth because San Francisco residents get free admission.

A flower from the San Francisco Botanical Garden


San Francisco is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Each time I discover one of the city’s hidden stairways and neighborhood gardens I feel like I’ve stumbled upon a secret. Follow the city’s famous stairways and be inspired by sweeping views and lush private gardens as you walk up to Coit Tower from Levi’s Plaza. This one-mile walk travels from the waterfront to Coit Tower before heading into North Beach. At the end of the day, share something sweet with your sweetie. Order some classic Italian pastries from Mara’s Italian Pastries, then head to the Washington Square park to enjoy the rest of your date.


Between the stunning coastal views, a labryinth perched high on the cliff, and rocky, windswept beaches it is impossible to avoid the romance of Lands End. Bring your hiking shoes because you’ll want to explore every hidden gem on this 3.5 mile hike. After the hike you can explore the Sutro Baths or watch the sunset while sipping a cocktail at the Cliff House Balcony Lounge.

Lands End at low tide


Discover something new in the Presidio. Art buffs will love the rustic elegance of the many Andy Goldsworthy sculptures hidden around the park while beach lovers will enjoy strolling across the sandy shoreline at Baker Beach or admiring the dramatic cliffs and rocky shores along park’s western edge. Whether you are strolling through lush Eucalyptus forests, marveling at serpentine bluffs, or admiring the wildflowers and wildlife a hike through the Presidio is a natural conversation starter. You can enjoy all the sights on this 8.7-mile loop, or choose to do a portion of the hike as a smaller out-and-back trek.

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