Want to go backpacking, but don’t know how to start?

Don’t let the planning and logistics get you down!

Download the FREE Backpacking Trip Planner and learn how to plan your first wildly successful backpacking trip in just 7 days. You’ll get the inside scoop on how to find a route, secure a permit, determine your pace, and get ready for a night under the stars.

The planner breaks the backpacking planning process into 7 super-easy steps

Day 1

Learn how to find parks, public lands, and open spaces that allow backcountry camping in your area.

Day 2

Determine your hiking pace and learn why pace is an essential part of the planning process.

Day 3

Learn how to use paper maps and online resources to map out your route and create a daily itinerary.

Day 4

Exercise and training tips to get you trail-ready. We’ll discuss easy and fun ways to train for your trip.

Day 5

It’s time to get packing and make your gear list. Learn how to get your backpacking gear on a budget.

Day 6

Learn how to plan a backpacking menu that fits your style – whether you’re a backcountry gourmet, or a simple boil-in-bag cook.

Day 7

Learn how to be safe and leave no trace. You’ll become the park ranger’s favorite camper because you’ll be ready for anything the trail may throw your way!