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A list of dog-friendly hiking trails near San Francisco

Dog-friendly Hiking Trails Near San Francisco

These scenic dog-friendly hiking trails near San Francisco promise to be a big hit with your four-legged hiking companion. All of the trails on this list are within a 30-minute drive from San Francisco. The dog-friendly hikes range from easy jaunts to challenging workouts.

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Hiking through a waterfall on the John Muir Trail. Five lessons from hiking the John Muir Trail

Five Lessons from Hiking the John Muir Trail

Are you hitting the trail this summer? Here are five helpful lessons I learned from hiking the John Muir Trail that may help you plan your JMT hike. This article is in honor of those about to hike the 210 miles from Yosemite to Whitney (or vice versa) on the John Muir Trail! Congratulations! You […]

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Five romantic hikes in San Francisco

Five Romantic Hikes in San Francisco

Candle-lit dinners are nice, but I’ll take a romantic hike with my sweetie over dinner at a stuffy restaurant any day. These five romantic hikes in San Francisco are perfect for strolling hand in hand with your special someone and setting your hearts a fire. Living in the City by the Bay we are blessed […]

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Six Bay Area hiking challenges that make planning hikes easy

Six Bay Area Hiking Challenges that Make Planning Hikes Easy

These six San Francisco Bay Area hiking challenges make it easy for you to accomplish your hiking goals. If you’re anything like me, you start the year full of enthusiasm, ready to kick butt and slay some goals. But, by mid-January you’ve run out of steam because you haven’t been able to check anything off […]

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Tips for hiking on trails in rattlesnake country

Tips for Hiking in Rattlesnake Country

Summer is snake season! Just like humans, snakes want to soak up some rays and bask in the sun after a long winter. There have been a number of recent rattlesnake sightings in the East Bay hills and on the peninsula, that’s not a surprise since the entire state of California is prime snake territory. […]

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Seven tips for hiking with your dog

Tips for Hiking with Dogs

For many years, my regular hiking partner was Grizzly, a bulldog-boxer mix. Grizzly and I went everywhere together. We spent summer weekends filling our lungs with mountain air in Tahoe, and in the fall we sauntered among the changing Oak trees in the East Bay hills. Our adventures included exploring the Lost Coast and once […]

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